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Dear Walnut Creek Learning Community, 

I hope that you are all enjoying our first week of summer vacation! Although our summer months in Michigan are known for relaxation and renewal, I also want to remind our returning students, and introduce our new sixth grade students and families to our Summer Academic Engagement Program. 

As I reflect on the work that our students put into the program last summer, I’m filled with pride over our student’s hard work and the resounding success of the program. Our students demonstrated remarkable growth over the summer, effectively minimizing the ‘summer slide’ - the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year. 

After participating in the program last summer, our student’s performance on the first iReady diagnostic assessment showed a 5% increase in students performing at or above grade level from the previous year. In real student numbers, that meant that we had approximately 37 students increase their performance to at or above grade level based on their work over the summer. To put that in perspective, before implementing this program, we typically saw a decrease in our achievement level on our first iReady diagnostic due to the summer slide that occurs when students do not engage in any academic activities during the summer months. 

Building on last year’s success, we are excited to sustain this momentum through the continuation of the program. This summer initiative is designed to ensure that our students remain academically active during the summer months. 

We ask all students to partake in two fundamental components each week to maximize the benefits of the program. The first is the completion (and passing) of one Math and one Reading iReady lesson weekly. We do not recommend that students complete more than 2 lessons per week in each subject area. I know that iReady is not a favorite of our students - but they really work. The lessons are tailored to address individual learning needs identified in the most recent iReady Diagnostic Assessment. The iReady lessons are accessible via “classlink” which is located under “quick links” on our school website. Please remember that logging in directly through iReady or the Classlink website will not work; students must use the classlink from our school’s website for access to iReady. 

In Addition to the iReady lessons, we are thrilled to continue offering the second component of the summer program: weekly academic learning activities crafted by our dedicated and incredible Walnut Creek Teachers. These activities have been created by our teachers to engage your child at home, utilizing minimal supplies and adult guidance. Our hope is that the activities will spark your child’s interest and provide an opportunity for critical thinking. 

Linked below in this email, you will find the first Walnut Creek Teacher Designed activity of the summer. By integrating both the iReady lessons and these teacher-crafted activities, your child is set to continue their growth over the summer. 

Summer Academic Engagement Activity 1 - Phases of the Moon

Your support is invaluable in nurturing your child’s academic growth. Together, we can continue to diminish the summer slide and help to propel our students toward academic success and excellence. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. 

Thank you, 

Seth Taboh


Walnut Creek Middle School